The Noir Group

Digital, business, and technology consulting for growth.

We're a global management consulting company. We help the world’s most ambitious change makers define the future through innovation of technology and creativity.

We're Compassionate
Creative Consultants.

The Noir Group is a management consulting company that specializes in developing and scaling global businesses through innovative technology and creative strategy. We deliver integrated solutions, complementing our capabilities with a curated ecosystem of the world’s leading innovators to achieve better, faster, more enduring results for clients.

Having served over 1000 customers in our community and worldwide, The Noir Group continues to shine since starting in 2000 with over 20+ years of experience. The motto is simple, Be better by building better business. We've done that by helping over 1000 clients generate over $500 million dollars in revenue and our story continues today.

About Our Company
Beliefs & Purpose.

We take projects from concept to reality. Our vision for our company is simple; Our motto is simple. Be Better by Building Better Businesses.

What We Believe

Trust, Experience & Innovation

We believe that bold steps define the future. That the ambition to lead requires the courage to adapt. We believe that Trust Experience & Innovation represent the core values that internally motivate us and guide our own professional behavior.

What we Do

Management Consulting

We help you see the world differently, discover opportunities you may never have imagined, and achieve results that bridge what is with what can be. The Noir Group specializes in strategy execution – the implementation of business strategy to achieve targeted business goals.

What's our purpose

Build Better Business

We have one simple statement that encapsulates our broader purpose as a global business consulting firm: unlocking the potential of those who advance the world. We try to live our purpose through our work every day by helping our clients make the world a better place.